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Find out how each integration seamlessly connects to our platform and provides you with extra versatility.

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Here’s a complete list of partners integrated into our platform

Moovly’s integration with Amazon Advertising

This integration allows users to manage their Amazon Advertising account and will be used for publishing to Amazon Ads.

Moovly’s integration with Amazon seller central

The Amazon Seller Central integration allows users to access their product library and generated product videos.

Moovly’s integration with Amazon Web Services

Moovly has integrated AWS’ service that turns text into lifelike speech, allowing you to create videos that have lifelike voices via its Text-to-speech technology ‘Amazon Polly’

Moovly’s integration with Box

Integrating with Box enables our users and companies to upload their content directly from their Box account

Moovly’s integration with Brightcove

The Brightcover integration allows our users to publish directly to Brightcove from their Moovly accounts.

Moovly’s integration with Bynder

Bynder’s digital asset management platform enables teams to collaborate in the cloud and get video content to market faster

Moovly’s integration with Dropbox

Integrating with Dropbox enables our users and companies to upload their content directly from their Dropbox account

Moovly’s integration with Facebook

Adding a Facebook integration allows companies to upload their video directly into any Facebook group

Moovly’s integration with Fiverr

Fiverr’s Logo Maker gives you direct access to some of the best freelancers on the web to create your company or product’s logo.

Getty logo

Moovly’s integration with Getty Images

The world’s largest library of high quality images and videos is a must for any powerful video creation tool

Moovly’s integration with Google Drive

Google Drive is the leader in file storage and synchronization systems, upload content directly from your account easily

Moovly’s integration with Google Sheets

Integrating Google Sheets allows users and companies to mass produce video content based off any Google Sheet

instagram logo

Moovly’s integration with Instagram

Moovly users can now connect their Instagram account and upload videos directly from the Moovly platform on their personal or businesses’ Instagram social media account

Moovly’s integration with Kaltura

Integrating with Kaltura, a leader in their space, allows for seamless publishing from our users Moovly accounts to the Kaltura platform

Moovly’s integration with LinkedIn

The LinkedIn integration allows users to publish to their own page as well as a company page if they have sufficient rights on LinkedIn.

Moovly’s integration with Mandrill by Mailchimp

Moovly users can now send personalized videos in large numbers using their Mailchimp email service.

Moovly’s integration with Microsoft Onedrive

Integrating with Onedrive enables our users and companies to upload their content directly from their Microsoft account

Moovly’s integration with Showpad

Integrating with Showpad allows our users to publish directly to Showpad from their Moovly account.

Storyblocks logo

Moovly’s integration with Storyblocks

We integrated with Storyblocks to take advantage of their vast collection of royalty-free high quality images, videos, sounds and music

Moovly’s integration with Thinglink

Integrating with Thinglink allows our users to publish directly to Thinglink via their Moovly account

Moovly’s integration with Vimeo

Vimeo is the main video hosting platform for professionals and businesses around the world, now easily accessible for our users

Moovly’s integration with Widen

Access any sound, image or video asset managed by Widen directly from within a Moovly library in your editor.


Moovly’s integration with Youtube

We’ve integrated with Youtube to enable users or companies to upload their video directly onto their Youtube channel

Thanks to Moovly we managed to create video templates really easily and the Google Sheets integration then allowed us to personalize these videos in bulk.
Sophia Fack-Ytter