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$ 33.25

per month, $399 billed yearly


For maximum creative freedom

$ 49.92

per month, $599 billed yearly


For teams and collaboration

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Prices are listed in USD and purchases are charged in USD. Moovly however operates from Belgium, Europe. If your bank considers Moovly’s processing entity as international, you may be charged cross-border fees by your bank. For more information, please contact your bank. Additional taxes and VAT may apply.

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Discover all the features

See the detailed features overview for a description of all available Moovly Studio features

Features Free Pro Max Enterprise
​​​​Powerful, cloud-based video editor: Moovly Studio
1.3 million free images, sounds and footage
Publishing to YouTube, Vimeo and Moovly Gallery
Create video templates
Collaborate by reviewing and adding feedback to videos
Maximum video length 2 mins Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Personal media uploads Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Best video quality SD 480p HD 1080p HD 1080p HD 1080p
Support Level Online Priority Premium
Downloads or exports per month 25 50 100
No Moovly watermark or outro
Commercial rights
Access to 75 million premium stock assets
Sharing with other Moovly users
Color removal
Custom fonts and colors
Transcribe audio to subtitles
Google Translate integration for subtitles
Screen and webcam recording
User management backoffice
Floating subscriptions
Custom group libraries
Multiple accounts in one group
White-labeling options





Frequently Asked Questions

Moovly offers its users the most complete online video creation solution on the market. Combining an intuitive and easy-to-use video editor with millions copyright free assets available in many different styles, and more advanced features such as text-to-speech, green screen recording, video automation solutions and white-labeling options. You can try it out yourself or read through the user testimonials here.

Yes. Moovly provides Education plans to teachers, students, professors and staff working in the non-commercial education sector. Both individual as well as group plans for classes or schools are available. For more info, click here.


Yes. An individual non-profit subscription is available at a 50% discount on a yearly Pro or Max subscription. Non-profit discounts are also applicable to the Enterprise plan. Get in touch and we will be happy to explain the next steps.


Any subscription plan is set to renew automatically at the end of every subscription period (month or year). If you don’t want to be billed automatically, you can always cancel your the auto-renewal of your subscription before the renewal date. More information is available in our Help Center


The Pro and Max subscriptions are available as a monthly or yearly subscription. The price of the annual plan is 50% lower than the monthly plan and is billed at once at the start of your subscription year. As these plans are subscriptions, they are automatically renewed at the end of each period (month or year). You can always cancel this auto-renewal.


Yes, you can upgrade any time and change, for example, your monthly Pro subscription into a yearly plan or upgrade from Pro to Max. If you are already paying for an existing plan, your price is calculated pro-rata so you only pay the difference.


Absolutely! All our paying plans (Pro, Max or Enterprise) allow you to download your videos in HD, without the Moovly watermark or outro.


Yes, the higher the subscription plan, the more features are enabled. See the pricing table above to compare which features are suitable for your needs. Please note that the Free version is already very powerful and enables you to test and learn to know how Moovly works and how you can easily create your video content. What you get with subscription plans are download capability, high quality exports, more upload capacity, no video length limitations, access to advanced features, customizations etc.  Have a look at our detailed features overview for a description of all possible features.

Yes! The Moovly Affiliate Program is available to Moovly users (from businesses) who are legally able to send an invoice to and be paid by Moovly.